Facts About Tekeya

The first thing that will cross your mind is to know what is Tekeya application!

Simply, Tekeya App was launched in 2019, and it allows restaurants, hotels, and markets in Egypt to donate or sell their surplus food, which could help charities develop sustainable supplies of meals for the needy.

It also allows users to quickly find discounted food at stores in their area and buy the food at low prices with a 50% discount. In addition to donating any food item to charities.


Facts you should know about Tekeya:


1- Our Journey Statistics & Numbers:

-Tekeya has rescued over 33,000 meals

- Saved 75 tonnes of CO2.

- Donated with 3500 meals

- It has 33,000 registered users

- Over 75 Partners

-More than 65,000 downloads


2- Tekeya For Users:

- Tekeya helps you spend less on food items than you would at a store.

- If you order from more than one shop, you will pay for one-time delivery fees, if they’re near each other.

-Your points on the App will be redeemed as discounts or vouchers from our shops.

-You can measure your personal impact with us by knowing the quantity of food you have saved.

-You can pay immediately by credit card, debit card, or using cash.

-You can either pick up your food items directly from the store or get them delivered to your doorstep.


3- Tekeya For Providers:

-The App is for providers who want to collaborate on offering sustainable solutions for our most pressing environmental and social problems.

-The providers can easily see updated financials on their App or their dashboard.

-Providers can extract a report.


4- Donation Process:

-Tekeya application is designed to reduce food wastage by donating food to needy people.

-You can easily donate from our application from anywhere in the world.

-When you donate any food item, our team delivers these fresh food items to charities.

-When you choose to donate, the app will open all the items and doesn't follow your location.

-If the restaurant is closed or the item you choose is not available, Tekeya will donate other items with the same amount of money.

-You have the freedom to schedule a repetitive donation.

5- Awards & Prizes Received:

- Global Startup Awards Africa | Women in Tech Category

- Mentioned in world economic forum as one of the top three apps that helps to cut food waste


Finally, it only takes a few taps on your phone to start having an impact on your environment, save money for yourself and share meals with people in need.

Just decide and take the action and we will put our hands in your hand!

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